Tell me about Math

Butterfly ship by Salvador Dali

 The TWMA program of Popularization of Mathematics in Tunisia

March 15, 2016 Numbers are magical by Saïma Khenissy, International School of Carthage (in French)

Tell me about Math ! 2017:

April 02, 2017: How to draw a curve with Sine qua non? By Khadija Mbarki, at Imtiez High School in  Tozeur. See the photos below.
March 16, 2017: La magie des nombres, by Saïma Khenissy, Lycée Pierre Mendès France, Tunis, see the photos below.
La magie des nombres !
Article PMF
February 20, 2017: Shapes and deformations: from DNA to the universe, by Ali Maalaoui, Lycée Pilote Ariana (English), see the video and photos below.
From DNA to the universe, the story
Video Ali Maalaoui, Topology for everyone
January 19, 2017Arithmetic and the Beauty of Numbers, by Khadija MBARKI, Maison de Jeunes TozeurSee the content of the conference (French). See the photos below.