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The TWMA was founded in 2015


The TWMA congratulates Nader Masmoudi awarded Fermat Prize 2017

Tunisian Journal of Mathematics

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The International Fatma Moalla Prize for the Popularization of Mathematics, submit your project  before December 31,  2017.

Best PhD Award for Tunisian Women Second Edition 2017


TWMA/LIM International Conferences

Tell me about mathematics: follow our mathematical popularization events in 2017

TWMA Junior Lecturers

Second Meeting of the TWMA: The First International Mathematical School on Algebraic Geometry in Hammamet, Tunisia, 11-15 September 2017

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Award Ceremony for the TWMA Honorary Trophies and Mathematics Awards

A new link : ICSU Gender Gap in Science website   https://icsugendergapinscience.org/

Maryam Mirzakhani